Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some helpful hints, tips and tricks.

     The Pawn Stars game cheats, tricks, and tips are meant to help you up your game, and get more money for the items within the Pawn Stars game. Pawn Stars: The Game has different levels, in which you need to purchase items, and then sell them for profit. Different items within the Pawn Stars game have different rarity values. If an item is really rare, the prestige points for the game will be higher. As you purchase items with higher prestige in the game, you will level up. Theses cheats, tips, and tricks are meant to be a guide. Please remember, within the game the customers happiness level will surely help you get a lower purchase price. Most of the purchase prices listed are for customers in the game that were happy, or very happy. The angry old cowboy is surely a tough negotiator. (Friends can visit your shop, and click on customers to make them happier)

      Items in the Pawn Stars game that we have found to be very profitable are: Kennedy Letters ($5K profit), Paul Revere Silver Spoon ($6K profit), Colonial Buttons ($9K profit), 1768 Lottery Ticket ($10K profit), Gold Bar ($22K profit). Some items take longer to sell than others, for instance the Gold Bar takes over a day to sell. The Jousting helmet is another high profit item within the Pawn Stars game that takes a day to sell. You can see how long it takes to sell an item in the Pawn Stars game after you click on "Sell" and it takes you to the pop-up to enter your sales price for the item in the game. Have fun, and as always, there is more to come.

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